IEEE - ISBI 2023

International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging

Cartagena de Indias • ColombiaApril 18-21 2023



We are excited to announce this year's ISBI award winners! Congratulations to all!

Best oral presentation (winner)

Yuan Zhang (The University of Adelaide)
Paper title: Distilling Missing Modality Knowledge from Ultrasound for Endometriosis Diagnosis with Magnetic Resonance Images

Best oral presentation (runner up)

Alexander Gleed (University of Oxford)
Paper title: Towards Multi-Sweep Ultrasound Video Understanding: Application in Detection of Breech Position using Statistical Priors

Best poster (winner)

Fabian Wagner (Pattern Recognition Lab, Erlangen-Nürnberg)
On The Benefit Of Dual-Domain Denoising In A Self-Supervised Low-Dose CT Setting

Best poster (runner up)

Carlo Alberto Barbano (Télécom Paris, University of Turin)
Contrastive Learning For Regression In Multi-Site Brain Age Prediction

Best paper award

Miguel Molina-Moreno, Marcel Peter Schilling, Markus Reischl, Ralf Mikut
AutomatedStyle-Aware Selection of Annotated Pre-Training Databases in Biomedical Imaging

Best paper runner ups

João Borges de Sá Carvalho, Carlos Cotrini, Fabian Laumer, Andre Euler, Katharina Martini, Thomas Frauenfelder, Joachim Buhmann
Domain Generalization for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Fibrosis Using Dose-Invariant Feature Selection

Zahra Hafezi Kafshgari, Chamani Shiranthika Jayakody Kankanamalage, Parvaneh Saeedi, Ivan Bajic
Quality-Adaptive Split-Federated Learning for Segmenting Medical Images with Inaccurate Annotations

Sze Nung Leung, Jason A Dowling, Jurgen Fripp, Kaikai Shen, Shekhar S Chandra
Medical Shape Pattern Analysis with MeshCNN

Nataliia Molchanova, Vatsal Raina, Andrey Malinin, Francesco La Rosa, Henning Müller, Mark Gales, Cristina Granziera, Mara Graziani, Meritxell Bach Cuadra
Novel Structural-scale Uncertainty Measures and Error Retention Curves: Application to Multiple Sclerosis

Louis Rigal, Julien Bellec, Renaud De Crevoisier, Mathieu Lederlin, Karim Benali, Raphaël Martins, Antoine Simon
Patient-specific dynamic model for optimization of cardiac radioablation

Pitch competition winners

1st place: Rubitection
2nd place: CertAlert
3rd place: Miscroscape
Audience Award: Microscape

Exceptional ISBI Service Award

Zhi-Pei Liang - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Michael Unser - EPFL

In recognition for their exceptional service to the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), on the occasion of the conference's 20th edition, for serving as ISBI founding co-chairs and for their continued dedication that contributed to the long-lasting impact of the conference.